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        V.O 中文

        Luxury villa-style resort

        Albion Resort And SPA Greenland

        It is equipped with the theme of hot spring leisure and health, providing recreational activities such as cruises and golf.

        Free space for relaxation

        Pure villa hotel room

        With separate swimming pool, special hot spring pool and front and rear gardens; townhouse rooms can directly enter the 3000 square meter central pool from the back garden.

        Luxury villa-style resort

        Villa interior

        Let you relax and enjoy your life in comfort.

        Albion Resort And SPA Greenland

        Nar Golden Valley

        Gold Rush Experience Base, Archaeological Experience Base, Theme Culture Performance Theater, River Adventure, Cultural and Art Street, Wanquan Lake Cruise, 5D Cinema, 3D Gallery, Mirror Maze, Infrared Adventure, Mobile Games and more.