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        V.O 中文

        Starry vacation paradise in dreams

        The Discovery Paradise and National Oxygen Bars

        The 9 square kilometers Tianquan Lake has a catchment area of 58 square kilometers, the deepest point is 9.8 meters, the total storage capacity is 40.72 million cubic meters, the total length of the north main canal is 47 kilometers, and the total length of the Nangan canal is 12 kilometers. It is the largest mountain lake in the northern part of the Yangtze River Delta. The basalt purification left by the volcanic eruption hundreds of millions of years ago, the water quality of the lake is more than one class, clear and sweet...

        The water area is 9 square kilometers, like a crown, spread out with five fingers.

        Tianquan Lake


        An ancient temple with a deep history of thousands of years

        Tieshan Temple National Forest Park

        The air is rich in negative oxygen ions, which is 49 times the average value of Jiangsu Province. The stars at night are not blind, so they have the reputation of “the most beautiful starry sky in Asia”. The Purple Mountain Observatory Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has also settled in this. The Tianquan Lake National Tourism Resort, which is being created, will surely become a “starry holiday paradise in dreams”.