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        V.O 中文
        • Lijiang Yunnan

          Lijiang Albion International Resort

          Lijiang Albion International Holiday Resort located in Baisha Ancient Town, Lijiang City, covering an area of about 69.53 ha. It is the only large scale and developable block that closest to Mount Yulong (Jade Dragon Snow Mountain)...

        • Jingmen Hube

          Jingshan International Hot Spring Resort

          This project is in accordance with the standard of national 4A level scenic area, to be built into a tourist spot centered on hot spring , and featured in green and environmental protection, themed on "health, leisure, culture and nourishing of life"

        • Lanxi Zhejiang

          Jinglan Valley

          Jinglan Valley project is located in the suburbs of Lanxi City, Zhejiang Province, at the intersection of West Ring Road and National Road 330, covering a total area of about 733,000m2, with the terrain of mild slope of low mountains and hills...

        • Taiyuan Shanxi

          Warm Spring Bay International Resort

          Adhering to the principle of “cultures support” and take the ancient town as the carrier, to build a comprehensive cultural tourism scenic area, integrating with boutique holiday hotels, experiential business, culture, relaxation, healthcare and...

        • Kaili Guizhou

          Yunshang Shuizhai Scenic Area

          The planned project will uphold the concept of sustainable development, in combination with the characteristics of the surrounding tourist projects, carrying out reasonable and prospective planning and positioning for the project...

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