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        V.O 中文

        - FOLIDAY -

        Fosun Tourism Group (also known as Fosun Tourism or “FOLIDAY”), is the leader in the leisure tourism industry for families worldwide. Fosun Tourism is a major part of Fosun’s Happiness Ecosystem, which is one of its three strategic business units – Health, Happiness, and Wealth. Fosun Tourism has been listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (01992.HK) since 2018, with total assets over RMB29.5 billion as of 31 December 2018. 

        We are one of the world’s leading leisure-focused integrated tourism groups, and the largest leisure tourism resorts group worldwide in terms of revenue in 2018(quoted from Frost & Sullivan report). Underpinned by the twin drivers of “industrial operations + strategic investment” with a focus on the leisure and tourism needs of families around the world, FOLIDAY is engaged in the entire industry chain of tourism and leisure with integration of global resources. FOLIDAY owns the French originated, all-inclusive holiday experiences provider, Club Med, and the premium one-stop entertainment and leisure tourism destination, Atlantis Sanya. FOLIDAY’s business also includes the professional tourism destination operator “Albion”, holiday planning and customized service travel agency “Thomas Cook China", culture and entertainment events provider “Fanxiu”, the international playful learning club for children “Miniversity”, the online travel platform and travel agency “Foryou Travel”, as well as the global membership club “Foryou Club” etc.

        Focusing on organic growth as well as mergers and acquisitions, FOLIDAY rides on Fosun’s superior investment capabilities and operational capabilities to seek value investments and acquisitions opportunities in the global leisure tourism industry, to create a C2M tourism ecosystem covering the entire lifecycle and the entire global industry chain.

        FOLIDAY is dedicated to establishing “FOLIDAY” as a recognized synonym with a family-focused leisure tourism experience. Our lifestyle proposition, “Everyday is Foliday,” seeks to infuse continuously evolving concepts of tourism and leisure into everyday living.

        - ALBION -

        Shanghai Fosun Albion Tourism Development Co., Ltd. is a core member of Fosun Group Holdings. As a specialized Integrated Vacation Brand & Resource(s) Management Company directly under Fosun Tourism & Culture Group Holdings, FOSUN ALBION focuses on existing tourism resource(s) including but not limited to Natural  Scenery, Cultural and  Historical  sites, Heritage  Area, Vacation  Accommodation, Health, Wellness and Cultivation, through seamless integration with Fosun’s extensive Global Resources in the Tourism sector, Fosun Albion will be able to provide comprehensive Services tailored to every Project from Master Planning, Product Design, Brand Management, Content & Theming Production, Online-Offline  Guests  Resource(s)  Management to Destination-Based Customized Service.
        Within three years, Shanghai Fosun Albion is committed to be Market Leader in Vacation Destination Management though establishing the most preferred Tourism Resource(s) Integration Platform in China; achieve “Top 3 Management Company” in the domestic tourism and vacation market though actual Management of High Quality Tourism sites; and to meet financial criteria to be listed on Growth Enterprises Market (GEM).
        In order to achieve her aspiration, FOSUN ALBION seeks to gain recognition in the market and consumers through strategic location selection of tourism site(s), introduction of Intelligent Vacation Systems, Innovative Products as well as Guest Satisfaction and Consumer Safeguard Policy. 
        With increasing demand for high quality vacation destination by domestic market, FOSUN ALBION shall develop practical Small-Mid International Vacation Destination(s) to provide premium vacation products and experience to all guests.